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Medieval Rowel Spurs Pair

Medieval Rowel Spurs Pair

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Spurs were given to new knights by the lord they served. They were a symbol of their noble status. Rowel spurs became the prefered form in the 15th century.

This is a complete and ready to use set made of leather and solid brass. The double strap is securely attached with brass plates to the metal spur. They fasten securely over a boot with a brass buckle. The rowel spins freely in it's socket.

Brass Spur Length (from point to arm end): 14 cm
Rowel Diameter: 3.5 cm
Fixed Strap Length: 28 cm
Strap With Buckle Max Length: 28 cm
* All measurements are approximate, as these are handmade slight variations may exist.

Please Note - Although these spurs are functional they should not be used indiscriminately on live horses. They are purely for decorative use. See your local equestrian organization for information on the ethical use of spurs.
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