What We Sell

Reliquaria Medieval carries a variety of medieval and renaissance replicas as well as medieval-style fantasy items. The stock we carry is selected based on historical accuracy, quality natural materials and affordability. Our historical replicas are based on real artifacts from museum collections or archeological reports.

We always try to be as authentic in our materials as possible. We use real leather for our belts and pouches and real horn or bone for drinking horns, combs and cutlery. Our brass items are solid casts, not hollow, so they are strong enough to take a beating in armoured combat. Our medieval jewelry is accented with real stone or glass. For taste and convenience, we use stainless steel in some of our cutlery sets. Our fantasy items do use some modern materials, but only of the highest quality, such as glass and metal alloys.

Reliquaria is proud to have partnered with quality manufacturers - Lord of Battles, Tiger-Touch, Mythrojan and Suleman Bladesmith.