My Story

Reliquaria is a small store - just me, Ellaire! I am a school teacher by day and a seller of medieval things by night (plus a mom, every minute of everyday). I started Reliquaria Medieval as a passion-project. I love re-enacting and hands-on history, so I couldn’t resist the temptation of having amazing medieval “things” all around me.

Since I started in 2019, I have developed a loyal customer base on my Etsy shop, seen my product grace several movies and increased my product offering to over 300 items. In 2022, I finally got the chance to take my goods to live events in Ontario and Quebec. Service disponible en Français! Je suis bilingue.

What a wonderful journey it’s been! I’ve met thousands of fellow medieval enthusiasts, shared thoughts with medievalists around the world in both French and English and had the best excuse to buy every book I could find on medieval furnishings and jewelry.

This year, I plan to attend even more in person events. Make sure you come by and say “Hi”. I’ll be there with a smile and you might just get the chance to see my favorite shop assistants Marilyn (Mom) and Leia (Daughter). Oops, I guess my first sentence wasn’t quite true, Reliquaria is more than just me, it’s family, friends, medievalists, Larpers, SCA players, renaissance fair attendees and hopefully one day soon -YOU!