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Maltese Cross Medieval Leather Belt

Maltese Cross Medieval Leather Belt

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A wonderful medieval belt made with premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship. It is a cut above the ordinary belts sold at costume shops. It has a pure solid brass trefoil buckle and strap-end, plus supple 3 mm thick leather. The high-quality of the materials means that this belt is not only elegant but durable and hard wearing. It can easily support a sword, purse and other medieval accessories.

This beautiful belt comes with Maltese crosses and decorative bars along it's length. It's long length allows you to wrap it around your waist twice or to leave the decorative end hanging down.

Strap width: 2.6 cm (slightly more than an inch)
Belt Length: 172 cm
Maximum Waist Size: 160 cm
leather thickness: 3-3.3 mm
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