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Italian Memento Mori Ring - 1600-1625

Italian Memento Mori Ring - 1600-1625

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Replica of a memento mori ring from the 1600s, currently found at the Museo Poldi Pezzoli. In the center rests a 3 dimensional skull missing its lower jaw, while two crossed tibiae lie beneath. This design is an example of the medieval motif that symbolizes the impermanence of life. This particular piece, crafted in the early 17th century, showcases a typically Nordic style although this piece is from Venice.

Made of brass and coated with 24k gold, the skull is painted with enamel by hand.

Please note: gold or silver plated rings are not intended for constant wearing. Please take your ring off while taking a shower, washing the dishes, etc. to keep the gold shining longer.

This beautiful piece is part of Reliquaria's commitment to providing real medieval replicas. We are proud to be the Canadian importer of high quality goods from Armour and Castings, Ukraine's premier manufacturer of historic replicas.

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