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Viking Woman's Brooch and Beaded Necklace Set (Made by Leia)

Viking Woman's Brooch and Beaded Necklace Set (Made by Leia)

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Reliquaria is now offering a full Viking woman's Brooch and beaded necklace set. These sets are very special because they were made by Leia, Ellaire's 13 year old daughter.

This set includes two round brooches with a detachable string of glass beads hung between them. Typical of Viking women's dress, brooches were use to fasten garments together and hang necklaces, pendants and keys from. Pairs of brooches are common finds in women's graves and likely conveyed wealth or status to the wearer.

The beads are strung on modern jewelry wire for added strength (of course you can restring them on a linen thread if you prefer). However the modern ends are cleverly hidden behind the brooches to create a more authentic appearance. Each string is unique and made up of a variety of glass beads in colours available during the early medieval period. Each chain includes at least one premium bead, either hand blown glass or a natural semi-precious gemstone such as amethyst or jet. Other stones can include jet and quartz.

Bead String = 29 cm
Brooch Diameter = 4.5 cm
Includes 2 brooches and 1 strand of beads.



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