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Armour and Casting

13th Century Stirrup Ring with Amethyst Glass Stone

13th Century Stirrup Ring with Amethyst Glass Stone

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Experience the exquisite beauty of a 13th century stirrup ring, complete with a shimmering stone and intricate floral designs. Each slender section of the hoop is adorned with delicate double punches and four-petalled flowers, creating a truly unique and stunning piece of jewelry.

You can see an original version of this ring found in Britain at the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Please note: gold or silver plated rings are not intended for constant wearing. Please take your ring off while taking a shower, washing the dishes, etc. to keep the gold shining longer.

This beautiful piece is part of Reliquaria's commitment to providing real medieval replicas. We are proud to be the Canadian importer of high quality goods from Armour and Castings, Ukraine's premier manufacturer of historic replicas.

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