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Roman or Rus Replica Buckle with animal head terminals

Roman or Rus Replica Buckle with animal head terminals

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This is an extremely solid buckle, that won't bend or break under pressure. It has two decorative animal heads at either side of the strap bar. It is further decorated with two bands of an interlaced patters along the buckle length.
L= 5 cm, W= 6.2 cm, Bar Length = 2.1 cm.
Ideal for a 2 cm strap.

The decorative animal heads on this buckle are nearly identical to a copper alloy Roman buckle dating from the late 4th to 5th century AD. It is also very close to a 6th-10th century Russian example which features the same decorations along the buckle, plus it has a matching buckle plate.

The roman buckle is of Hawkes & Dunnings (1961) Type IIIa.
A similar shape can be found at:

The later Russian version is from Suuk-su burial ground in the Russian Empire, Tauride province, Yalta district, pos. Gurzuf, Cape Suuk-Su. Dated to the second half of the 6th-10th centuries.

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