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Minature Medieval Cutlery in a Sheath - Knife and Pricker

Minature Medieval Cutlery in a Sheath - Knife and Pricker

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A small sized two-piece cutlery set in a real leather sheath. It includes a knife and pricker, with a matching dark brown leather sheath. This is a small sized set, ideal for carrying on a belt or pouch. During most of the medieval period forks were not in use, some individuals used a pricker instead (although most made do with a spoon and knife).

The highlight of these sets are the handles which have beautiful textures and colours. The handles come in wood, bone or black horn. The handles made from horn can have natural white striping.

The handles are a natural material I recommend washing them by hand. They should be kept dry to prevent rusting. These item are steel and are made for use. Because the knives are sharp, be cautious the first time you use them.

Knife length = 14 cm
Pricker Length = 14 cm

Last year a very similar fork was found in a Medieval Cesspit in London. This cesspit contained items from the 14th and 15th century. You'll note the bone or ivory handle attached to the steel fork by rivets, which is the authentic way cutlery was given handles in period.
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