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Medieval Strap Ends - with Acorns and Quatrefoil

Medieval Strap Ends - with Acorns and Quatrefoil

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Strap-ends are easy to attach at the end of a belt using rivets or thread. They add both ornament and authenticity to your outfit.

These three styles feature open work quatrefoils and acorns on the tips. Strap ends with acorns are the most popular kind in medieval England. You can see an example of an openwork quatrefoil strap end here:

What’s so special about acorns you ask? Well throughout history acorns have been symbols for many different beliefs. Roman goddesses often wore necklaces of acorns. The acorn symbolized potential and new life.

In medieval times acorns appear with oak leaves as a heraldic symbol, usually associated with strength and stability. But with the acorn’s ability to grow a new tree from such a tiny package, they were powerful symbols of possibility and patience, because trees don't grow quickly. I have even heard a rumour that acorns represent male virility, but that’s a tale for another day.

Will wearing these acorns make you strong or lead to new possibilities? Hopefully so, but they are guaranteed to make you feel beautifully medieval.

Acorn thin shaft - L = 75mm, W = 12 mm (at strap attachment)
Acorn and Fleur - L = 66mm, W = 19 mm (at strap attachment)
Acorn Foliate End - L = 69mm, W = 24 mm (at strap attachment)
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