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Anglo-Saxon Medieval Belt -Genuine Black Leather and Brass Fittings

Anglo-Saxon Medieval Belt -Genuine Black Leather and Brass Fittings

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An Anglo-saxon style belt made from thick genuine leather, that is completed with real brass fittings. The belt features a brass buckle, a brass strap-end and 6 decorative crosses along it's length.

The buckle imitates a very popular design seen in Frankish, Merovingien and Anglo-saxon buckles from the early medieval period (sometime called the Dark Ages). It has been created in an antiqued brass finish, to create an aged look 

All of the brass fittings are securely riveted directly into the leather. The belt has multiple holes along it's length to accommodate people of different sizes.

This is a very stylish belt perfect for a dark knight or maiden warrior! 

Strap width: 3 cm (slightly larger than 1 inch)
Belt Length: 73 inches
Maximum Waist Size: 67 inches

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