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Reliquaria Medieval

Grey Faceted Agate Paternoster with Orange Carnelian Gauds

Grey Faceted Agate Paternoster with Orange Carnelian Gauds

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Paternosters are the medieval version of the modern rosary. Unlike modern rosaries, paternosters could have various numbers of beads.

This paternoster has six sets of 8 grey faceted agate beads and 7 gauds of orange carnelian. Because this is a natural product each bead is unique and they can include some small irregularities (as shown in the close up pictures). It is completed with a synthetic tassel in grey. Like real paternosters created in the medieval period, the string is a little bit longer than the beads so that they can be manipulated along its length.

The total length of the strand is 24 inches (12 inches on each side). The tassel adds another 5 inches. For added strength this paternoster is strung on pure silk cord.

This is a one of a kind item created by me - Ellaire
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