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Frankish Buckle and strap end in Bronze

Frankish Buckle and strap end in Bronze

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A complete set of fittings for a Frankish (Merovingian) belt. Includes buckle, chape and five studs. It has a weathered Bronze appearance.

The buckle is a classic style seen throughout western Europe wherever the Germanic peoples had influence. The strap-end has a Nordic influence more common to the 8th century but both styles have been found contemporaneously in archeological settings. This set shows the melding of cultures that the viking invasions produced.

This buckle is easily attached using the attched rivets. It is ideal for a belt strap of 1 1/2 inches.

7th Century, Frankish, Northern France

Real examples of this buckle can be found at:

Similar to several at the MET museum.
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