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Armour and Casting

13th Century Octagonal Ring with Anchor Motifs

13th Century Octagonal Ring with Anchor Motifs

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This replica 13th century Western European ring features an octagonal bezel and a small blue cubic zirconia stone. On each of the four sides, a marine anchor motif is carefully engraved, symbolizing Hope, one of the Theological Virtues.

The original ring may have served as a pastoral ring for an ecclesiastic due to its connection to the sea anchor. It features a sapphire and has traces of black enamel. You can see the original ring here:

Please note: gold or silver plated rings are not intended for constant wearing. Please take your ring off while taking a shower, washing the dishes, etc. to keep the gold shining longer.

This beautiful piece is part of Reliquaria's commitment to providing real medieval replicas. We are proud to be the Canadian importer of high quality goods from Armour and Castings, Ukraine's premier manufacturer of historic replicas.

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