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Large Telescope In a Leather Carrying Case

Large Telescope In a Leather Carrying Case

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Set sail for adventure with this full-sized telescope. Its gleaming brass exterior, precise glass lenses, and protective leather carrying strap with lens cover promise protection for your beloved telescope. Perfect for spies and explorers, this telescope is one you'll always want to take with you. With rugged construction, stunning detail and an exquisite brass finish, this telescope stands ready for your next outdoor exploration. With its protective lens cover and accompanying leather strap, you can keep this timeless piece of equipment safe and sound, even when your journeys take you far from home.


The total length of the telescope with an extended 5 cm long hood is 42.5 cm. The diameter of the wider end is 5.4 cm and that of the narrower end is 2.5 cm. The longer leather cover is around 6 cm long and the shorter one is 2.6 cm long. Both are attached with a 102.5 cm long belt with a solid brass buckle. When fully enclosed, it is about 17.3 cm long. Weight of the telescope with leather cover is 472 grams (the telescope alone is about 366 grams).

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