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Armour and Casting

Fleur-de-Lys Clasp Replica from 15th Century England

Fleur-de-Lys Clasp Replica from 15th Century England

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This replica of a 15th century Fleur-de-Lys clasp from England is strong, sturdy, and fastens securely to your garment. Easily sewn onto any fabric, it adds a convenient way of fastening any outfit. It is perfect for closing capes, cloaks or bodices.

Crafted with expert precision and attention to detail, this clasp is a timeless addition to any wardrobe. It is crafted from brass in the shape of a fleur-de-lys and is also available with gold-plating.


35 x 20 mm (left part)

35 x 20 mm (right part)

This clasp is a replica of item #693 from the book "Hooked-clasps and eyes" by Brian Read.

This beautiful piece is part of Reliquaria's commitment to providing real medieval replicas. We are proud to be the Canadian importer of high quality goods from Armour and Castings, Ukraine's premier manufacturer of historic replicas.

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