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Lord of Battles

Bone Thread Winders (set of 4)

Bone Thread Winders (set of 4)

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These thread winders (spools) are perfect for reenactors of the Viking age. A bone thread winder is a great tool for keeping track of small lengths of thread or embroidery floss. The smooth bone finish will keep your thread from becoming snagged and the tiny hole in the corner acts as the perfect spot to start or tie-off your thread. Their small size makes them easy to carry in a small purse or pouch, so they are a great addition to a portable sewing kit for reenactors. 
These bone thread winders are handcrafted from ethically sourced bone. They come in a convenient set of 4 pieces.
They are copies of one found in Sweden now held at the at the Historiska museum. 
L= 3.5 cm, W= 3 cm

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