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Armour and Casting

Gimmel Ring from Germany, 16th Century

Gimmel Ring from Germany, 16th Century

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The Gimmel Ring, also known as a gimmal ring, consists of two or three interlocking hoops to create one cohesive ring. These rings were highly sought after in 16th and 17th century Europe for use as engagement or wedding rings.

Our replica features cubic zirconia stones and come in brass, gold plating or silver plating. The interior flat faces bear the inscription "Quod deus conjunxit homo non separet," divided between the two hoops such that when opened, it is readable, but when combined into one ring, it remains hidden.

An original ring held at the British Museum, which is very similar to ours, features ruby and aquamarine gemstones along with colourful enamel.

Please note: gold or silver plated rings are not intended for constant wearing. Please take your ring off while taking a shower, washing the dishes, etc. to keep the gold shining longer.

This beautiful piece is part of Reliquaria's commitment to providing real medieval replicas. We are proud to be the Canadian importer of high quality goods from Armour and Castings, Ukraine's premier manufacturer of historic replicas.

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