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15th Century Italian Fede Ring

15th Century Italian Fede Ring

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Experience the rich history and symbolism with our 15th Century Italian Fede Ring. Combining the traditional fede (faith) motif of two clasped hands, along with another motif of two hands holding a heart. The fede motif is derived from ancient Roman tradition, the two clasped hands symbolize trust and the bond of love and loyalty. 

The engravings on this ring represent love and fidelity, making this ring a perfect token of everlasting devotion or a symbolic betrothal. Fede rings reappeared in the 12th century and became a popular motif in both northern and southern Europe. 

This ring is available in solid brass, with silver or gold plating.

Original is stored in the V&A Museum and they estimate it's date as circa the fifteenth century.

Please note: gold or silver plated rings are not intended for constant wearing. Please take your ring off while taking a shower, washing the dishes, etc. to keep the gold shining longer.

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