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Viking Pen Annular Medieval Brooch

Viking Pen Annular Medieval Brooch

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These two penannular brooches are modelled after ones from Western Europe in the Early Medieval period. They have a soft bronze finish and incised or cast decorations.

They are easier to wear than typical round medieval brooches because of the opening in one side. Simply push the pin through your fabric, then spin the brooch so that the pin rests on the metal of the brooch.

Version one of this beautiful brooch features two animal heads (possibly horses) on each terminal. An optional upgrade for this item includes two small green aventurine cabochons for eyes.

Colored Animal Eyes Options - If you like the look of the Gemstone Eyes, I have a few options available. I can create a custom brooch with Blue Lapis, Red Coral, or Grey Jasper. Please send me a message to let me know which stone you would prefer.
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