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Tiny Tudor Rose Medieval Mounts (set of 4)

Tiny Tudor Rose Medieval Mounts (set of 4)

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You don't have to be Henry the VIII to enjoy some pretty Tudor roses!

This gorgeous Tudor rose belt mount is historically inspired by the badges worn under the Tudor dynasty. At the end of the War of Roses, which was fought between the house of Lancaster symbolized by a red rose and the house of York symbolized by a white rose, the Tudor dynasty came to power. They decided to unite the two roses in one significant rose badge, as a symbol of the peace created by the marriage of Henry the VII and Elizabeth of York.

Mounts like these would be inserted along the length of a belt to add decorative elements. Five and six petaled roses were popular mounts between 1500-1700 A.D. You can see an example here:

Available as a set of 4.
Measurements: L = 2 cm, W = 2 cm
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