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House of Warfare

Real Wool Medieval Hood with Dagging on the Edge

Real Wool Medieval Hood with Dagging on the Edge

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Stay warm and stylish medieval-style with this Real Wool Medieval Hood. Crafted from real wool, it is available in three fashionable colors. Designed to keep your head warm and dry, it is finished with a white cotton lining.

With decorative dagging (cut out shapes) along the edge it is the perfect way to step back in time. It also features a long Liripipe tail hanging down it's back, a typical aspect of medieval style. This type of hood was worn by both men and women and was popular in the 14th and 15th centuries. 


Face Opening = 60 cm (24 inches) 

Liripipe Length = 100 cm (40 inches)

All measurements are approximate.

Reliquaria is proud to bring quality medieval goods from House of Warfare to customer in Canada and around the world.

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