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Lord of Battles

Neck Torc with Snarling Wolf Terminals

Neck Torc with Snarling Wolf Terminals

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Whether you are a shieldmaiden or a Viking warrior out on his raids, our Viking “Fenrir” torc, donned around your neck, will accentuate your valour even more.

This torc is made from pure solid brass with intricate Viking details. It has a historically inspired design, based on similar Scandinavian artefacts from the 10th century.

It comes in a heavy and a light version. The light version has few strands of twisted brass wire, to make it lighter on the wearer.

Diameter - Approximately 46 cm (18.1 inches).
Weight - Heavy Version = 330 grams, Light Version = 250 grams

This item is inspired by historic artifacts but it is not a replica of a specific piece. It is part of the Reliquaria Fantasy Collection.
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