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Reliquaria Medieval

Medieval Kidney Purse with Brass Buckle

Medieval Kidney Purse with Brass Buckle

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This replica medieval kidney purse, with its solid brass buckle will add style to any outfit. Worn on a belt, its 15th century style is perfect for both men and women. Made with soft, buttery leather, it's the perfect way to carry your small items.
Length = 13 cm
Width = 20 cm
Medieval kidney purses served both functional and symbolic purposes. Functionally, they provided a convenient way to carry small personal items such as money, keys, religious tokens, or personal seals. They were typically secured with a drawstring or a flap closure to keep the contents secure.
Symbolically, kidney purses were often associated with wealth and status. The materials used and the level of ornamentation could vary depending on the social status of the wearer. Purses belonging to the wealthy elite were often made of luxurious fabrics and adorned with precious metals, gemstones, or intricate embroidery. In contrast, those belonging to the lower classes were usually simpler in design and made of more affordable materials.



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