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Medieval Buckle with decorative leaves

Medieval Buckle with decorative leaves

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Medieval buckles were often elaborately decorated with animals, letters or geometric patterns. This beautiful pure brass example features a scrolling leaf design. Floral motifs were often symbolic. Different plants represented different people or emotions. For example white lilies were often associated with the Virgin Mary and strawberries represented kind deeds.

This buckle is similar to ones dated 1250 - 1350 A.D. Such as this one in the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

L= 6 cm, W= 4 cm, Bar length= 2.5 cm. This buckle fits a one inch wide strap.

This is actually one of the easiest belt buckles to attach to a leather strap or fabric belt.
The back has brass posts which go through the material and can be attached easily with a modern rivet cap. For a more authentic technique you can use a brass washer and hammer the extra brass from the post flat, (this technique is harder to master but it is how it was done in period).
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