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Medieval buckle with acorns and plants

Medieval buckle with acorns and plants

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This beautiful belt set features an acorn at it's tip and two acorns growing through windows. Acorns were very popular belt decorations and versions with acorns on sinuous stems are frequently seen. Ironically this popular motif is rarely seen in modern medieval reenactment which makes this belt the perfect way to stand out in a crowd.

What’s so special about acorns you ask? Well throughout history acorns have been symbols for many different beliefs. Roman goddesses often wore necklaces of acorns. The acorn symbolized potential and new life. In medieval times acorns appear with oak leaves as a heraldic symbol, usually associated with strength and stability. But with the acorn’s ability to grow a new tree from such a tiny package, they were powerful symbols of possibility. I have even heard a rumour that acorns represent male virility, but that’s a tale for another day.

This is actually one of the easiest belt buckles to attach to a leather strap or fabric belt. The back has brass posts which go through the material and can be attached easily with a modern rivet cap. For a more authentic technique you can use a brass washer and hammer the extra brass from the post flat, (this technique is harder to master but it is how it was done in period).

A very close match to one from Kent with an estimated date of 1350-1450 can be seen at:

Buckle L= 10.5 cm, W= 3 cm, Bar length= 2.5 cm
Strapend L= 8.5 cm, W= 3 cm, Bar length= 2.5 cm
This buckle fits a one inch wide strap.
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