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Warrior Destiny

Kievan Rus Buckle with bird heads

Kievan Rus Buckle with bird heads

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This buckle is a design found in multiple Kievan Rus sites from the 10th to 13th centuries. The double buckle style is very convenient as it allows the belts end to be tucked easily behind the buckle. It features two bird heads on each end. Eagles and ravens were common decorative elements in western Europe and perhaps came to the East with the viking migrations.

L = 5.5 cm, W = 5 cm, Bar length = 2.5 cm (suitable for a 1 inch strap)

This piece is solid bronze and has significant weight. Made through sand casting, each piece is unique and may have small casting flaws/pits. This is evidence of the artistic process.

Extant pieces have come from excavations at Vladimir mounds and are dated to the 10th - 13th centuries.
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