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Frankish (French) Hippocampus Mount/Brooch

Frankish (French) Hippocampus Mount/Brooch

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This items is the inspiration behind Reliquaria's Logo.

A Frankish Hippocampus shield mount, modelled after a brooch sold at auction. In ancient Rome Hippocampi were common mythical beasts, which gradually fell out of favour during the dark ages. However items like the Sutton Hoo shield still features mythic "water dragons", which remind me of the earlier legends.

Metal zoomorphic decorations would be mounted on shields as ornaments and perhaps as symbols of divine favor. Although this one is modelled after a shield mount, it can easily be adapted as a belt fitting. In fact some shield mounts were later re-used as brooches.

This mount has integrated modern rivets on the back for easy installation. It comes in the base colour of gold but can have enamel painted in the eye socket. If you would like to have this item personalized with an enameled colour, please choose either red, blue or black as an option below.


L= 3 cm, W=`5 cm

The original artifact that this is modelled after was sold at auction in 2015. It is described as "6th century AD. A cast plate brooch of a hippocampus with s-shaped body..."
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