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Lord of Battles

Decorated Penannular Fibula with Geometric Terminals

Decorated Penannular Fibula with Geometric Terminals

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What makes this penannular brooch different from others are the geometric terminals at each end. This is the perfect accessory for a Viking maiden or lad, because it is modelled after those found in Scandinavia in the 11th and 12th centuries. Such as this one from the British Museum -

This brooch is made from pure solid brass.
Diameter = 6 cm

Reliquaria Medieval is pleased to partner with Lord of Battles to bring you a wider variety of medieval replicas for all your reenactment events.

How to use a penannular brooch-
Pierce the pin of your brooch through the cloth of your garment. Then pass the pin between the ends of the ring. Rotate the ring 90 degrees until the tip of the pin is secure underneath the ring. Once you let it go, the fabric instantly presses the pin on the ring itself and keeps the fibula closed.
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