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Small Wooden Spools - Thread Reels, Bobbins (set of 2)

Small Wooden Spools - Thread Reels, Bobbins (set of 2)

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If you have a variety of loose threads, then thread reels (spools) are the tool you need. In the high-medieval period loose threads could be kept tidy with a thread reel, what nowadays we call a spool or bobbin. 

Our version is solid wood and comes in two sizes. The grooves along the length help set up the original wind and make them look pretty. They are light weight and small enough to fit into a travelling sewing kit, that you may wish to take to an reenactment or Larping event.

L= 4.7 cm

Examples of similar spools have been found in bone and wood from archeological sites like Coppergate (see example below) in York, England and the Mary Rose ship site. 

Link to Coppergate archeological report:

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