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Lord of Battles

Black Leather Belt Pouch with Renaissance Brass Belt Buckle

Black Leather Belt Pouch with Renaissance Brass Belt Buckle

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Prepare for your next renaissance fair or medieval event with a convenient belt pouch. Indulge your cell phone with a unique carrier reminiscent of historic 15th century designs. Plus they'll be room for your keys and magic tools too! Handmade with genuine leather, this durable piece offers both functionality and elegance. 

Should you wish to jazz-up your pouch consider partnering it with some of the purse mounts sold by Reliquaria. 

This shape of pouch was extremely popular in the late middle ages throughout northern Europe. Named for it's unique kidney shape, these purses were typically decorated with brass buckles and ornaments. Kidney purses were worn by both men and women and citizens of every class.

Since this is authentic leather, make sure to keep it away from moisture. Clean it regularly with a soft cloth; if the stain persists, use a damp cloth and some mild soap.

L = 19 cm
W = 23 cm
Reliquaria is proud to bring Canadians products from the Spanish brand House of Warfare.

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