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Brass Sexfoil Medieval Brooch

Brass Sexfoil Medieval Brooch

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This brooch is exclusive to Reliquaria Medieval! It is based on an artifact from the British Portable Antiquities Scheme. Brooches were not only decorative but practical, in medieval times they were the main means of fastening garments.

This is an unusual but not rare shape for medieval brooches. Our example allows you to show off your social status, through your choice of stones. Glass paste is found in base metal examples, garnets and sapphires decorated royal jewels.

These items are cast by hand, not mass produced in a factory. Therefore, small irregularities and pits may occur in the metal.

The brooches feature 2 collets which can be filled with stones or enamel paint. If you would like to add glass stones then message me with what colours you wish to use. It is also available in brass.

Length = 4 cm
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