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Anglo-saxon Bird Shield Mounts

Anglo-saxon Bird Shield Mounts

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Something unique for reenactors of Anglo-saxon history. A pair of Anglo-saxon Eagle or Raven shield mounts.

These mounts are solid brass. They come as a pair of two in a gold and a gold/brown colour option. They have integrated modern rivets on the back for easy installation. Although modelled on shield decorations they can just as easily be used on leatherwork.

L= 5 cm, W=`5 cm

These types of decorations would be mounted on shields as ornaments and perhaps as symbols of divine favor.

Tanya M. Dickinson (2005) suggests "The eagle, alongside or interchangeably with the raven (and with the wolf ), was also an archetypal animal of the battle field. In Old Norse poetry these corpse-eaters generally signalled heroic victory, while in Old English poetry they were more often a portent of defeat."

The original artifact that they are modelled after can be seen in the British Museum.
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